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Here are a few things our clients have to say about our work!

"Ashley Huynh with BEDR HR has been our HR Consultant for the last few years. Her support allows us to focus on the business while she addresses the HR concerns. Ashley is a joy to work with, and has successfully navigated complex situations, and provided us with guidance and support. She is a trusted advisor, and I have personally recommended her to my clients, colleagues, and friends."

– Marshal A. Oldman, Managing Partner

Oldman, Cooley, Sallus, Birnberg, Coleman & Gold, LLP

"We completed the California mandated Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention training provided by Ashley Huynh and her team. I loved how they were able to keep the team engaged, as well as work through the many gray areas that exist. We’ve experienced training from other providers and online previously, and those do not compare to the richness of information and tools that we were provided. Working through complex, real life scenarios really enhanced the experience. I highly recommend Ashley and her team for this interactive training."

– Jody Winger, Human Resources Manager


"Ashley Huynh is not only a really good recruiter and HR consultant, but she is, simply, just a really excellent person. I gave her a ton of responsibility regarding provisioning the staff of my recruiting company. I am a combat vet with some PTSD, and was known as an unreasonably demanding boss. Ashley exceeded my expectations every time. I loved every minute of working with her. I'm retired now, but if you have a chance to work with her, you will most likely kick yourself later if you don't."

– John Wentworth, President (Retired)

The Wentworth Company

"I had the pleasure of working with/for Ashley at 3M Cogent. She allowed me to grow as an HR professional by pushing me to go beyond my comfort zone. She provided opportunities early in my career at 3M that gave me greater exposure to leadership which helped build my confidence as an HR professional. Since 3M, she has taken a huge step toward building her own company to provide consulting for other businesses. I admire her hard work, determination and confidence."

– Hazel Gabriel-Hsia, Sr. HR Business Partner

Reported directly to Ashley at 3M

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