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SPHR is right for you!

And Here’s Why:

You’re an HR Mastery Maestro!

You’re an HR Mastery Maestro!

You have put in the hard work to meet the required combination of education and experience that are the pre-reqs for the SPHR exam.

You embody ambition, dedication, and upward momentum. It’s time you realize your full potential and move forward to that next level HR leadership role! It’s all within your reach!

You’re motivated and ready to start taking the steps needed to move your career forward.

SPHR is exactly what you need to skyrocket your HR career.

According to HRCI, “To be eligible for the SPHR you must meet one of the following conditions for education and/or experience: Have at least four years of experience in a professional-level HR position and a Master’s degree or higher, Have at least five years of experience in a professional-level HR position and a Bachelor’s degree, OR Have at least seven years of experience in a professional-level HR position.” Based on your responses to the Quiz, you meet these requirements.

You’re ready to learn and to continue to develop your HR knowledge and expertise.

You know that without the expertise, and deep HR knowledge, education, and experience, you can’t progress further in your career.

That means – the next step for you is getting the SPHR! This is just what you need!

3 Reasons Getting the SPHR Is Your Next Best Step

  • Job Opportunities.

    According to softwareadvice.com, “42% of companies noted that an HR certification was either preferred or required.”

  • More Money. $$!

    According to Payscale, “with the exception of the aPHR, all certification types led to a boost in pay for those who have it.” PayScale’s study also found, “Median pay increases by 50 percent from a PHR certification to a SPHR certification.”

  • Promotions! Career Development!

    According to PayScale’s study, “Having an HR certification positively influences an HR pro’s chances of being promoted, and this holds true for every job level.” At the HR Director level, HR credentials increase the chances of promotion by 25%.

  • Now that you know HR certifications pay off AND which certification is right for you, how will you learn that foundational HR knowledge and pass the exam?

    Many students struggle without any kind of structure.

    With the PHR’s most recent published pass rate being as low as 60%, you know that a little help could go a long way.

    And that’s where our FREE Masterclass comes in!

    As a Thank You for completing our Quiz, you’re invited to our free Masterclass:

    What’s your Study Strategy?

    This is where we’ll create your study strategy that fits your needs now. My students who implemented this proven technique paired with my Step-By-Step Study Success Calendar have a 100% pass rate. Paired together, these are very powerful tools!

    Why YOU should ATTEND?

    • It’s all in the preparation!

    • In this masterclass, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to prepare and PASS!

    • Key Learning!

    • The Study Strategy we design isn’t just about passing the exam, it’s also about providing you the foundational HR learning to prepare you for the next steps in your HR career.

    • VALUE!

    • This is normally PAID training (Value $99), but you’ll get it for FREE for a limited time.


    • You’ll also get our Step-By-Step Study Success Calendar for FREE (Value $99) when you attend our Live Masterclass through the end. This tool is part of our PAID Course, and will equip you with the exact actions you need to take leading up to your exam date.


    ->When? Pick one of these Dates to attend LIVE!

    Take the next step in your HR Journey with me.

    For a limited time only, sign up for our FREE Masterclass on nailing your Study Strategy and get our Step-By-Step Study Success Calendar for FREE when you attend our LIVE masterclass through the end.

    Who is this Ashley anyways?

    My Origin Story:

    It was the late 90’s and I was loving life as a tech recruiter! And then, the Dot com bubble burst! With all of my requisitions frozen, I knew that I needed to make a change to ensure my career stability! I didn't have a safety net. We didn’t have much growing up, and there was no family home to run to. So I took 2 steps that changed my life FOREVER!

    1. I reached out to our new HR Manager. We were just acquired by Intel! I told her that I wanted to move into HR, and asked for her support. While she couldn’t promise me a role in HR, she provided me all of the help and support she could. She created an HR Development Plan with me, allowed me to sit in on the HR meetings that were possible, gave me HR projects that helped me to develop my HR skills AND

    2. I enrolled in an HR certification prep course, took the exam, passed, and became HR certified!

    If we haven’t met, I’m Ashley Huynh. My early experience in HR shaped my HR career development. I believe HR certification is the pathway to HR career success. And I realize, I couldn’t have done it alone. If Suzanne, the HR Manager at Intel, hadn’t provided me that mentorship and support, I wouldn’t be where I am today! And that is why I am so passionate about supporting other HR professionals.

    Ashley Huynh, Esq., PHR, SHRM-CP:

    What I Do & My Expertise

    My mission is to support HR professionals' continual learning and to become experts in the HR field. I provide training, support, and mentorship to HR professionals through my HR training courses and programs, as a speaker at PIHRA's annual HR Conference (CAHR23) and PIHRA's California Employment Law Update (CELU23), mentoring HR students for Cal Poly Pomona's Mentorship Program, and early HR professionals for PIHRA DTLA’s Mentorship Program and a judge at the CalSHRM HR Student Case Competition. I have built my expertise over 25 years as a legal, business, and human resources leader for start-ups, mid-sized organizations, and Fortune 100 companies.

    I’m the Founder of The HR Attorney, an employment law practice, and BEDR HR, which provides HR consulting services, training, courses and programs for HR professionals. My expertise allows HR professionals to focus on growth while I support them in training, HR compliance and litigation prevention. I’m highly skilled in the full range of proactive HR compliance, including wage and hour audits, employee and management training, workplace harassment / discrimination investigation, implementation of processes and policies to be in compliance with legal requirements, and employee handbook/policy development.

    I earned my J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law, in their 2-Year accelerated S.CA.L.E. Program. In addition, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a specialization in Business Administration from UCLA, and have attained the PHR and SHRM-CP certifications.

    What's Next?

    Watch your Inbox for more insights from me, and grab a spot in our Masterclass, What’s your Study Strategy? before it’s too late!

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    We’re all about accountability. According to a Harvard research study, when individuals regularly share their weekly advancements with their accountability circle, an impressive 76% achieve their goals. This underscores the pivotal role that accountability pods play in your success strategy.

    In our Resource section of our course, we give you the details and tools to create an Accountability Pod on your own or within our community.

    But why wait? If you have a friend who is also thinking of getting HR Certified, share this Quiz with them and it can help them decide which HR certification is right for them. Tag me on LinkedIn @Ashley Huynh, Esq., PHR, SHRM-CP when you share this Quiz with your HR friends, and I’ll send you our Accountability Pod Resource for FREE!

    Who knows? You can be supporting each other, in your own Accountability Pod, and that might just lead you to your next huge step in your HR Career! Share with your HR friends on LinkedIn and tag @Ashley Huynh, Esq., PHR, SHRM-CP, and I’ll send you our Accountability Pod Resource for FREE!

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